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California Health Care Foundation

The California Health Care Foundation is dedicated to advancing meaningful, measurable improvements in the way the health care delivery system provides care to the people of California, particularly those with low incomes and those whose needs are not well served by the status quo.

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Advisory Board 

Advisory Board is a best practices firm that uses a combination of research, technology, and consulting to improve the performance of health care organizations around the world.

They forge and find the best new ideas and proven practices from across our vast network of leaders.


CAL Hospital Compare

Free and easy-to-use, Cal Hospital Compare features information on hospitals that helps consumers make smarter and more informed medical decision. Publicly available information about hospital quality will improve the health care system.

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The Dartmouth Institute

Working in partnership with individuals and organizations around the country, and throughout the world, The Dartmouth Institute strives to improve population health, reduce disparities, and create high-performing, sustainable health systems.

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Kaiser Family Foundation

KKF is a non-profit organization focusing on national and global health issues. Kaiser develops its own policy analysis, journalism and communications, sometimes in partnership with major news organizations.

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Office of the Patient Advocate

The OPA's mission is to improve California health care quality and advocate for consumer interests by publicly reporting data for informed decision making. OPA displays clinical performance and patient experience data for the state's largest HMO and PPO health plans.

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