CDC: Most cases of mysterious lung illness are linked to vaping THC

Federal and state health officials on Friday said their investigation into an outbreak of a lung illness linked to e-cigarettes and vaping products shows a majority of patients used products containing the marijuana compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—but investigators said they are not yet narrowing the scope of their probe, Vox reports.
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FDA will not regulate fitness tracker apps, other healthy lifestyle software

FDA on Thursday released guidelines clarifying how the agency will regulate digital health products, such as mobile apps and tools that use artificial intelligence to help doctors make clinical decisions.

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Veterans Health Administration Investments In Primary Care And Mental Health Integration Improved Care Access
By Lucinda B. Leung, Lisa V. Rubenstein, Jean Yoon, Edward P. Post, Erin Jaske, Kenneth B. Wells, and Ranak B. Trivedi

Aiming to increase care access, the national Primary Care–Mental Health Integration (PC-MHI) initiative of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) embedded specialists, care managers, or both in primary care clinics to collaboratively care for veterans with psychiatric illness. Read More >>  


Neighborhoods And Health, Medicaid, And More
By Alan R. Weil

This month’s Health Affairs contains a collection of papers regarding how neighborhood characteristics affect health and how local efforts can respond to health care challenges. Other papers address Medicaid, hospitals, disparities, global health policy, and more. Read More >>