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About CHCC

The California Health Care Coalition (CHCC) is a membership organization of public- and private-sector employers, unions and health and welfare trust funds, currently representing over 3 million Californians.

We organize group purchasers to engage health plans, hospitals and physician organizations in collaborative efforts to improve the quality, appropriateness and price of health care for everyone. Our educational effectiveness derives from health care purchasers joining together to leverage their collective voice to drive reform.

How We Do It

Our Goals

  • Bring purchasers together to promote accountability for the quality of care we receive and the dollars we spend.


  • Improve care standards and pricing using programs that measure, report on and reward providers for results.


  • Provide information about  quality and cost variations and by help CHCC members identify  high quality providers.

Our Approach

CHCC's strategies to remedy health system failures include...

  • Organizing health care payers statewide to leverage their purchasing power for better care and lower costs


  • Collaborating with health plans and providers to measure  performance, establish improvement goals, and reward achievements 


  • Educating stakeholders on policies that would increase transparency and accountability.

Our Partnerships

Advisory Board is a best practices research organization that uses a combination of data, research, and expert insight to support health care organizations around the world.

Cal Hospital Compare (formerly CHART) is a performance reporting initiative managed by a multi-stakeholder Board, with representatives from hospitals, purchasers, health plans, and consumer groups. 

San Diego Purchaser's Cooperative is a strategic alliance in San Diego that allows public and private employers to partner to improve health care quality.

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