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CHCC has embarked on a special project to increase our understanding of mental health research to increase our understanding of the evidence for different therapies and improve our effectiveness as health care purchasers. We are grateful to have a two-year grant (2023-2024) from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to carry out this project. The Building Capacity for Dissemination grant is intended to lay the groundwork for disseminating and implementing PCOR communities and others who can use this information to inform healthcare decisions.

The PCORI engagement grant offers CHCC an exciting opportunity to take a deeper dive in a topic at top of mind for member plans and the workers and families that are covered by their plans. Our goals are to identify important research and make it accessible and relevant to CHCC members in your role as health care purchasers. Below are the activities we plan to carry out as part of the project:


  1. Tap experts to help us interpret research on specific mental health care treatment and delivery, including outcomes that might be different for different populations.

  2. Collaborate with other purchaser coalitions who have received similar PCORI grants.

  3. Gain more insight into how plan design decisions may influence the quality and access of mental health services our members receive.

  4. Draft a framework for incorporating mental health evidence into the purchasing process.

  5. Convene an in-person meeting at the end of 2024 to assess what we’ve learned, what we might collaborate on next.


Get to know PCORI

PCORI has a large portfolio of mental and behavioral health research. Below are a few areas of PCORI research relevant to CHCC members. We will explore a few of these areas in more detail based on what we heard in the member focus groups:

  • Chronic pain and mental health: Promising approaches to treating chronic pain without opioids

  • Ensuring compatibility between therapists and patients: Matching patients with therapists to improve mental health care

  • Integrating mental and physical health care: Behavioral health integration improves patients’ care experience and other outcomes

More Project Resources

  • Upcoming activities (primarily meetings)

  • Presentations/webinars

  • Report and studies

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